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Summer holiday
Mon - May 2, 2022 9:09 pm  |  Article Hits:624  |  A+ | a-
Summer holidays
Summer holidays
Are you Dreaming of your next Adventure? 
Are you thinking of those beautiful sunsets or lying there looking out at the moon and the stars. You can almost hear the sound of the sea in the background. It sounds heavenly.
Now Imagine 30°  and above in your vehicle throughout the day, followed by those hot sticky nights.
How would you like a gentle breeze cascading through your vehicle?

It’s possible 

With Sarahs Mosquito Nets. 
Protect yourself from unwanted Little bugs determined to join you and spoil your holiday. 
Mosquito, Midges, flies, wasps, moths. All these bugs fly around during those hot sticky days and sweltering unbearable nights. 
They all seem to want to get free Bed & Breakfast. 
All our nets are individually made to your campervans specifications; we are here to help. Just ask.
View videos, reviews, photos and videos to browse through.
Or email for a quote, 
[email protected] 

Here's to your next adventure.
Keep the bugs away, and enjoy your holiday.


Sarahs Mosquito Nets

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Sarahs Mosquito Nets

Sarahs Mosquito Nets is a family run business on the Powys, Shropshire border between Montgomery and Welshpool.

We provide a made to measure service of high quality mosquito or midge netting for VW camper vans and camper van conversions.

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